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Please complete this form and submit your online credit card gift to Olin College if you wish to make a donation today. Olin’s fiscal year is July 1 through June 30. Thank You!

Recurring Gift Program

Signing up for a recurring gift is an easy and convenient way to help Olin College by providing steady, reliable funding for students and faculty through a monthly, quarterly or annual gift to the College. By setting up a recurring gift you will only receive one solicitation per year. Your gift ensures that Olin continues to graduate innovative engineers who are changing the world.

It's easy to enroll with a credit or debit card using our safe and secure online form.

How It Works

    • You determine the amount and frequency of your donation. See below for some recurring gift amounts and the resulting annual contribution.
Recurring Gift Amount Annual Gift if Monthly Recurrence Annual Gift if Quarterly Recurrence Annual Gift if Annual Recurrence
$10 $120 $40 $10
$25 $300 $100 $25
$50 $600 $200 $50
$100 $1,200 $400 $100
$125 $1,500 $500 $125
$250 $3,000 $1,000 $250
$375 $4,500 $1,500 $375
  Phoenix Society Level  
  • We will charge your gift to your credit card at the predetermined interval (charges are made on or around the same date each period).
  • We will send you an e-mail confirming the charge.
  • Annually, we will send you a statement that can be used for tax purposes.
  • Your gift will automatically renew each year until the end date you specify.


  • Easier to budget and easier on your wallet.
  • You have control over your giving.
  • Your gift renews automatically.
  • It's paperless, so it's easier on the environment.
  • You are making a continuous impact on Olin students starting today.

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Future Recurring Gift Date

Upon completion of your credit card submission on our Secure Payment Site you will be charged today to begin your recurring gift.

For all future gifts you can select to have your charges occur on either the 15th or 30th of each month in which a payment is scheduled.

Do not include '$' characters or commas; $10 online gift minimum please

* We are pleased to recognize you as member of The Phoenix Society for your gift between $1,500 and $9,999.

** We are pleased to recognize you as a member of The President’s Circle for your gift of $10,000.

Please provide a name and address where we may send a notification of your contribution. The amount of your gift will not be mentioned.

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