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Jessica Townsend


Dr. Jessica Townsend is a passionate proponent of undergraduate engineering curriculum innovation and is dedicated to finding pathways to innovation in traditional educational settings. She is a Professor of Engineering and the Associate Dean for External Engagement and Initiatives at Olin College. Since joining the Olin College faculty in 2004, Dr. Townsend has worked as a facilitator and consultant with universities and professional organizations looking to improve engineering student engagement, and has contributed to the development of innovative pedagogies, courses, and curricula at Olin College, mainly in the design and mechanical engineering areas. Her technical area of interest is experimental thermal-fluids and she worked for many years on the development and characterization of nanofluids (colloidal suspensions of nanoparticles), mainly for thermal management applications. She now focuses on projects that effectively engage undergraduates in thermal-fluid and propulsion related areas, including recent work on a hybrid solid rocket test stand. Dr. Townsend has industry experience in both air-breathing propulsion, as a gas turbine performance engineer at Hamilton Sundstrand Power Systems, and in rocket propulsion, as a visiting engineer at Blue Origin, a commercial spaceflight company based in Seattle, WA.

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