Dear Olin community,

Olin’s presidential search is a moment for our community to reflect, to come together and to embrace new opportunities. One of the critical ways we will get voices from across the community involved in the process is through the Search Committee.

So, today we invite your help in identifying community members who might serve on the Presidential Search Committee. We welcome self-nominations as well as nominations of other individuals from among Olin’s faculty, staff, students, alumni and Board of Trustees. The Search Committee will ultimately support the Board of Trustees in selecting Olin’s next President.

As you consider nominating yourself or others for this important task, we ask that you keep in mind the following important attributes:

  • Able to put the needs of the broader community above your own
  • Strong listener
  • Able to seek consensus through thoughtful discussion
  • Committed to strict confidentiality
  • Able to connect with the potential candidates in a way that authentically attracts the right candidate to Olin
  • Able to prioritize this work with the flexibility to accommodate complex scheduling requirements
  • Committed to attending scheduled meetings and interviews so that members can come together as a cohesive team

The committee’s work will require a substantial time commitment that will begin almost immediately and extend through the 2019-2020 academic year, including work this summer. The most intense periods are likely to be through the end of May/early June and again as the academic year begins through at least the middle of the fall term and maybe into the first quarter of 2020.

In order that you have an idea of the scope of the role, here is some of what you can expect to do if selected to be on the Committee:

  • Conduct a comprehensive presidential search with the aid of an executive search firm, including developing a leadership profile to attract a large and diverse pool of well-qualified candidates.
  • Solicit feedback from the community regarding the attributes and qualifications desired in Olin’s next president.
  • Review lengthy materials; participate in interviewing candidates; and engage in thoughtful deliberation to select those candidates who best represent the attributes and qualifications identified by the community as important in Olin’s next president.
  • Recommend final candidates(s) to the full Board of Trustees for its consideration. The Board of Trustees will ultimately select and appoint the new president. 

Please use this online form to tell us who in our community you believe would be an effective Committee member. You are welcome to nominate yourself or someone else in the Olin community. We would like to know the reasons behind your nomination and what contributions you or your nominee would bring to the Committee if selected. 

Please fill out one form for each individual you would like to nominate and, importantly, nominations should be submitted by the end of the day on April 12, 2019.  

As Chair and Vice Chair of the Presidential Search Committee, we look forward to receiving your nominations and to working with all of you throughout this important process. Thank you very much and as always you can reach out to us via email if you have any questions. 

Beverly Wyse P’15, Trustee                                           Lynn Andrea Stein
Chair, Presidential Search Committee                            Vice Chair, Presidential Search Committee