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Sunlin Chou

Dr. Chou has 37 years of experience in the integrated circuits industry, including 34 years at Intel Corporation. He retired in 2005 from his position as senior vice president and general manager of Intel's Technology and Manufacturing Group. He currently serves on corporate and non-profit boards and advisory committees.

Dr. Chou made technical contributions in silicon device modeling, process and product development. He designed Intel's first CCD serial memory, and managed the development of several generations of Intel's dynamic random-access memories, including their pioneering transition from NMOS to CMOS technology. Later, he led the development of industry leading wafer fabrication processes for Intel's logic and memory products, and streamlined R&D methods and organizations to reduce the technology cycle time from three years to two years. He applied these methods to innovate in other technology areas including packaging and testing. Dr. Chou served as Intel's representative on the board of directors of the Semiconductor Research Corporation, an industry consortium that supports university research. He led the EUV LLC consortium to successfully demonstrate the potential of extreme ultra violet lithography, and to initiate its commercial development for future chip making.

Dr. Chou received his BS, MS, and EE degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He was recognized by Scientific American magazine as one of the "Scientific American 50" in 2002, for leading the development of new materials that enabled Intel to achieve early production of processor chips on 130 nanometer technology. VLSI Research Inc. inducted him into its Hall of Fame, citing his ability to rapidly take chip-making technology from research to manufacturing. Dr. Chou is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.