Bioengineering Related Faculty Research

Alisha Sarang-Sieminski, Associate Professor of Bioengineering and Director of SCOPE

Low-tech, adaptive tech design-for-one

Debbie Chachra, Professor of Engineering

Biological materials, including bee nest cell linings, bone, and collagenous tissues

Joanne Pratt, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Immunology and cancer

Sam Michalka, Assistant Professor of Computational Neuroscience and Engineering

Brain-machine interfaces, cognitive neuroscience

Jeff Dusek, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Miniature multi-jointed robotic fish and adaptive recreation

Jean Huang, Associate Professor of Biology

Environmental microbiology

Scott Hersey, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Health and air quality, sensors

Paul Ruvolo, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Computer vision/adaptive tech

Brian Storey, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Microfluidics and bloodflow

Chris Lee, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical properties of tissues and medical device design