Faculty and Disability Services at Olin

Faculty members are some of our most important allies in ensuring that all students with disabilities are given the opportunity to request accommodations and experience equal access to all aspects of the educational experience.  We hope to collaborate with faculty to determine reasonable accommodations that work well with the unique classroom experience at Olin. 

Providing accommodations is an interactive process.  The faculty bring their knowledge of the course content, methods, and essential requirements to the conversation. 

Confidentiality and Student Interactions around Disability



Accessibility in the Classroom

Syllabus Statement for your Syllabus
Accommodation Information
  • When determining reasonable accommodations, we need to consider each student on a case-by-case basis.  Some example of questions I may ask to determine reasonable accommodations are:
    • What is the barrier to access?
    • What is the impact on essential course requirements?
  • Reasonable accommodations should not reduce or make any fundamental alterations to the course content and learning objectives.  The purpose for a reasonable accommodation is to remove barriers and to provide students with disabilities the same access to their education that is afforded to all students.
  • What is 'reasonable'?
    • Does the accommodation create an undue burden to the college?
    • Does the accommodation create a direct threat to the safety of the student or others?
    • Does the accommodation fundamentally alter the nature of the program?
  • Accommodations are not retroactive.  The student needs to inform you and/or DSO of the need to use specific accommodations prior to the course event and with a reasonable amount of time for adequate faciliation. 
Universal Design

Making Appropriate Referrals



Research in Disability






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