What is GCSP's Role at Olin?

The Grand Challenges Scholar's Program (GCSP) was founded on 5 pillars which together form a holistic engineering education. Many schools have implemented specific structures to aid their Grand Challenges Scholars in addressing these pillars, but Olin’s learning continuum already addresses these pillars, sometimes implicitly and sometimes explicitly.

At Olin, we try to give students the space to find passion in what they do. Intrinsic motivation is key; we want every student here to be learning for their own benefit, rather than because of some external motivator. Our Grand Challenges Scholars Program here looks to take that passion and help it grow, guiding each student through their individual journey to find their place in our global society. Thus, Olin’s GCSP is designed to get students thinking explicitly about how they address each of the 5 pillars and how that relates to the good they are working to accomplish in the world. We have activities in place which help to round out a scholar’s experience a bit more, making their engagement with the pillars clearer. And at the end of it all, each scholar completes a reflective portfolio which ties together everything they have done at Olin which made them a GCSP scholar. ​