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There are a lot of ways to participate in Olin's Grand Challenge Scholars Program, including:



Personal Bio

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Grand Challenge Scholars Program, you should start with writing a bio that introduces yourself to the other members of the GCSP community of students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Please email your answer the prompt below to Or feel free to contact if you have any questions!

The prompt:

Tell us about a way in which your life has related to the Grand Challenge Scholars Program. This could be a particular experience, an overarching theme in your life, or whatever else you deem appropriate. Your narrative does not need to be limited to your academic experiences, and it could involve any of the five pillars (service learning, global dimension, project/research, interdisciplinary experience, or entrepreneurship), the fourteen challenges, or the four themes. Please be sure to include why you feel your experience relates to GCSP.


The culmination of a scholar’s journey through Olin’s Grand Challenge Scholars Program is the final narrative. In your narrative, you will tell the story of your path through the program by connecting the five pillars of your GCSP experience under the central theme of your grand challenge or theme.

Portfolios from former GCSPers can be found here:

Pop-Up Talks

Pop-up talks are run by GCSP to keep students up to date on any big current event. Whenever something of importance occurs, the steering committee holds a talk to discuss the event and keep students informed.  These were started to keep students knowledgeable and to help them feel comfortable expressing their opinions on world debates.

Hear of an event you think we should cover? Contact!

Interesting Conversations

Interesting conversations are talks given by faculty and staff whose hobbies align well with the GCSP themes. Any member of Olin’s faculty or staff are able to hold a talk and all students are welcome to come!

Want to hear a faculty member talk? Contact!

Steering Committee

The steering committee is the governing body of Olin’s Grand Challenge Scholars Program. It is made up entirely of students and is responsible for creating. Students not on the committee can attend any meetins to stay up to date on the goings on of GCSP at Olin. Currently, meetings take place every Wednesday in MH210 from 6:30-7:00 p.m.

The Council on Foreign Relations hosts a series of academic conference calls each year in order to discuss global events and perceptions with college students. We have access to these calls, so students can listen to the conversations as well as ask questions, should they have any.


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