Current Peer Advocates

The following students are the peer advocates for the 2018-19 academic year. You may contact them at any time if you have questions or would like support. Anyone can utilize peer advocates as a resource!

 Celina Bekins

Celina Bekins 


808.232.7153 | EH206E

Celina's involved in a bunch of things like OARS, OFAC, and FWOP, and they're probably most skilled at talking about healthy relationships. Hang out with them this semester, before they leave! #supersenior

Noah D'Souza 2018-19 Peer Advocate

Noah D'Souza


215-872-1600 | WH 424

Noah is a class of 2021 ECE who likes coding, autonomous sailing (go OARS!), soccer, combat robotics, and burrito day at the dining hall.

 Anusha Datar 2018-19 Peer Advocate

Anusha Datar


781-718-4291 | WH 315

Anusha is a class of 2021 ECE who enjoys hackathons, rocketry, being involved on campus (catch her on CoRE and SLAC leadership), eating frozen yogurt, sports, and going on adventures.

Anya Jensen 2018-19 Peer Advocate 

Anya Jensen


415-488-3446 | WH 413

Anya is in the class of 2021, planning to major in robotics engineering. She likes reading, playing video games, and hanging outdoors. You can find her spinning with OFAC, running around in Parcel B, hanging with her gecko, or making random objects in the library.

 Emily Kohler 2018-19 Peer Advocate

Emily Kohler


267-788-0216 | EH 126F (1NE)

Interested in robotics, education, equity, and plants.

Hannah Kolano

Hannah Kolano


630.823.6228 | EH 428F (4NN)

I'm a junior MechE! You might find me spinning fire with the Olin Fire Arts Club, shooting archery, doing research in the RoboLab, playing the cello, or helping out with FWOP's theater productions. Outside of school things, I enjoy rock climbing, reading and writing fantasy, succulents, and tea.


Louise Nielsen


207.592.4257 | EH 416 (4E)

Louise can often be found hiding in their room and/or knitting. They're part of OPEN and have a lot of books. Class of 2019.
Mika Notermann 2018-19 Peer Advocate

Mika Notermann


206-458-9956 | WH 431

Mika is a design-ish E with interests in music, art, and accessibility. They like video games, martial arts, and fashion design, and can probably be found doing jigsaw puzzles at inopportune moments.
Olin College student Ariana Olson

Ariana Olson


585.233.3300 | EH 126B (1NE)

Ariana is a senior ECE major. Come talk to her about bikes, books, cooking, or whatever else you think is interesting!

Alison Palmer 2018-19 Peer Advocate

Alison Palmer


804.972.0504 | WH 430

Alison Palmer is a mechanical engineering student from the class of 2021. She enjoys doing improv, baking, and looking at art in her spare time.

Alex Scott 2018-19 Peer Advocates

Alex Scott


213.271.8387 | EH 326C (3NE)

MechE 2019. Firm believer that any problem that can't be solved with a hammer isn't worth solving. I also basically live and breath airplanes so if that's your thing come hang out.

Erika Serna 2018-19 Peer Advocates

Erika Serna


956.949.8185 | WH 306

My name is Serna, class of 2021, and I plan to be a Mechanical Engineer. I am engaged with different things on campus such as Baja, Putnam, and did research last summer! I like baking, reading, and definitely sleeping.

Taylor Sheneman

Taylor Sheneman


847.323.9090 | EH 328B (3NN)

I'm a senior, and have been a PA for a couple years now. You may know me (or will reasonably soon) from Fireside, though feel free to come by even when that's not happening. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about the topics we address, as well as about the program itself.