Interim Title IX Coordinator: Rae-Anne Butera


Title IX Coordinator

The Interim Title IX Coordinator supports the Olin College community through policy, education and response.

The Interim Title IX Coordinator  manages the College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and collaborates with multiple offices on and off campus to provide resources as well as educational opportunities for the prevention of sexual misconduct and gender-based discrimination. The Interim Title IX Coordinator  also manages all concerns and complaints by community members that relate to Olin's Sexual Misconduct Policy and manages the response, investigation, and resolution of complaints. Olin College encourages all community members to understand the Sexual Misconduct Policy, including the definitions of prohibited behaviors, available resources to support community members, and the process for the investigation and resolution of complaints. 

Rae-Anne Butera should be contacted for any Title IX concerns related to Olin College students, employees, groups, and/or visitors. 

Rae-Anne Butera
Dean of Student Affairs and Interim Title IX Coordinator
Office Phone:  781-292-2321
Office:  Campus Center 326b