There are two parts to the unique admission process at Olin College of Engineering: the Application and Candidates’ Weekend. We want to learn as much about you as possible—and give you the opportunity to learn all about us.

The Application

Students applying to Olin will submit the Common Application including the Olin College Member Questions and application fee online through the Common Application website. Our application deadline is January 1, 2018The Common Application must be submitted by 11:59 PM in the applicant's local time zone on that date. 

All applications are reviewed in January. We have a holistic review process that carefully evaluates each applicant’s academic and personal qualities. At the end of January, applicants will be notified regarding if they are advancing to the second phase of the admission process, Candidates’ Weekends.

Required Materials

A complete application includes each of the following required materials. (Please note the Common Application must be submitted by January 1, 2018):

  • Common Application including Olin College Member Questions - submitted online through the Common Application website
  • Application fee or fee waiver request - $85; fee waiver request can be submitted via the Common Application
  • *School Report Form - complete with high school transcript and school profile
  • *Counselor Recommendation Form – complete with letter of recommendation from your guidance counselor
  • *Two Teacher Evaluations with letters of recommendation - We require one letter of recommendation from a math or science teacher and one letter of recommendation from a teacher of your choice
  • Current Senior Grades - a first quarter report card or a first semester progress report must be submitted with your application (can be submitted by your high school counselor as an Optional Report or Mid Year Report).
  • SAT or ACT Test Scores - For students applying for entry in Fall 2018, we require either the SAT with Writing (essay) or ACT with Writing, and we honor the best score combination on the SAT or best composite score achieved on the ACT. We will accept SAT scores from the old version or the new version of the SAT, but students submitting the new version will be required to submit a Writing section score. December 2017 is the latest test date for which standardized test scores can be considered. If you are applying, please request that scores be sent to us in time for their arrival by January 1, 2018. Our school codes are:
  • SAT: 2824
  • ACT: 1883

*All required forms can be accessed through your Common Application account.

Optional Materials      
In addition to the required materials above, any of the following materials may be included in your application:

  • AP and IB Exam Scores – While we are very interested in students who have taken advanced coursework, we do not offer any credit for AP or IB tests. You may report your scores on the Common Application or send us a score report
  • SAT Subject Tests – You may report your scores on the Common Application or send us a score report
  • TOEFL Exam – The TOEFL Exam is not required for non-U.S. citizens, but you are welcome to submit a score if you think it would be beneficial to your application. Olin’s school code is 9008
  • Interview Report – If you interviewed with a representative from Olin in your community, an interview report will be included in your application.

Our mailing address is:

Olin College of Engineering

Office of Admission

1000 Olin Way

Needham, MA 02492

Fax number: 781-292-2210

Candidates' Weekend

We invite about 225-250 students to attend one of three Candidates’ Weekends, which take place the last two weekends in February and the first weekend in March. Attendance is mandatory if you wish to go forward in the admission process. Each weekend includes a design project, group exercise and individual interview as well as opportunities for you to learn more about our community. Candidates’ Weekends are informal, fun and informative experiences, but are also an important evaluative tool for the Olin Admission Committee.

Click here to learn more about Candidates' Weekends.

After the three Candidates’ Weekends, the Admission Committee meets again and makes the final admission decisions. Candidates are notified of their decision by late March.

If you have any questions about the application or our admission process, please contact us at