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Olin Alumni Council (OAC)

The Olin Alumni Council (OAC) serves as the organizing body for Olin’s Alumni Association (OAA), which is open to all students who have been enrolled in a full-time degree program at Olin College of Engineering. Thus, the Association is made up of graduated alumni, non-graduated alumni (those who “walked” but did not officially receive their diploma yet, i.e. degree requirements pending by Registrar) and alumni friends (those who were enrolled in a full-time degree program but are no longer and don’t plan to re-enroll nor graduate however wish to stay in touch). 

The OAC fosters a spirit of association and fellowship among members and helps advance the mission of the College through its activities. The OAC is composed of two representatives from each graduating class in addition to an executive board consisting of the OAC president, president-elect, past-president, treasurer and secretary. More details can be found in the OAC Charter.

Here is an overview of what the OAC does:

•Serves as organizing body for the OAA
•Provides advice and counsel to the college on issues of importance
•Plans events and communications to engage alumni with each other, current students, and the college
•Manages and provides development support for the class gifts and alumni giving