Dear Prospective Parents,

You and your student are approaching a tremendous milestone in your journey together, and on behalf of Olin’s Parent Organization, I want to congratulate you all on the love and hard work that brought you to this point. You find yourself looking into Olin College of Engineering, a small innovative college that has caught either your or your child’s attention.

You are not alone. Though young, Olin is widely recognized as being on the cutting edge of engineering education. Given the successes of Olin’s alumni and collaborations with other institutions, it’s no wonder that Olin attracts the nation’s best and brightest high school graduates.

Let’s acknowledge: Olin is different. It’s probably a lot smaller and newer than the other schools on your student’s list. Its alumni body is only in the hundreds and none of them have won a Nobel Prize (yet). While that difference is not the norm, you might just find that for your family, different is better.

Olin prepares students to become exemplary innovators, as well as thoughtful, caring, fun-loving people. The groundbreaking curriculum, a commitment to gender balance and the outstanding faculty, staff and students create a culture that fosters collaboration, respect, curiosity and resilience. I’ve always known my son Daniel ’16 would be a great engineer someday. Thanks to Olin, he has also become intuitive and responsive, and he’s learned to embrace failure as well as success.

Olin also has a wonderful engaged parent community. We became involved because we support Olin’s mission, and we’ve found that our ideas and enthusiasm are valued and encouraged. Many parents would love to share how their students’ came to choose Olin, and about their experiences here. From volunteering to events, and from communications to parent resources like the Parent Handbook, Parent website, and the Parent Facebook page, our valuable parent partnership makes the Olin family special.  

Wherever the college admissions process ultimately leads your student, I wish all of you the best of luck and much success!


Peggy Jenkins signature

Peggy Jenkins P’16
2015-16 Chair, Parent Advisory Board (PAB)


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