Boston Startup School Helps Entrepreneurs Meet Talent


Dean_Dieker.jpgAt Olin, young people learn how to push beyond the boundaries of the classroom and challenge the notion of a traditional education.  They take the principles of entrepreneurship and engineering and create something more meaningful: innovation.

Boston Startup School shares many of the same ideals and goals that Olin holds in high regard. Here, Oliners need to be challenged, and the same holds true for students of the Boston Startup School. Here, we learn by actually doing  -  so do they.

Boston Startup School teaches the skills required to have an immediate and positive impact in a startup company. Just ask Dean Dieker  '07,  an alum of the very first BSS class. Dean already had the skills he had picked up at Olin, but couldn't figure out how to break in to the local startup community.

 "Before Boston Startup School, I knew I wanted to be a part of the Boston tech scene but didn't know how to break in,"  Dean explained.  After graduating from the Startup School, he now works at TapJoy, a company he came to know through BSS' close-knit startup network.  Hear Dean talk about the experience.  


Is Boston Startup School right for you?  The program is an immersive, six-week, full time experience where one can learn about startup cultures and in-demand skills in the track of your choice. They say that Olin grads are among their best students.  In this last class, they had '12 alumni Rhan Kim and Miguel Bejar, in addition to Dean.    

According to Co-Founder and Director Aaron O'Hearn, "Three alumni is a big number for a place like Olin, but we want to make it even bigger.   We love the curiosity, enthusiasm for learning, and technical skills we find in people from Olin.  With this organization, we can help them connect with people who will change their careers, and maybe even their lives!"

And we certainly do miss Prof. Mark Chang, who's not on campus this year due to some new technical business avenues he's pursuing.  And he is continuing the work he started last summer as one of Boston Startup School's advisors. 

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