Congratulations to our Newest Alumni



Class of 2012 2.jpgCongratulations Class of 2012!  Yesterday, under a beautiful sunny sky, 69 seniors walked across the Olin stage and accepted diplomas. 


A special day for a truly special class.  This group includes one Fulbright winner, one NSF Fellowship award, and three students who received the status of Grand Challenge Scholars.   They also have an unusually large number of students that will go to work right away.  An unprecedented 14 will go to Microsoft, but others will join some of our terrific corporate partners as well as some companies that are new to Olin.  More details about the Class of 2012 available here.   


Graduate school is also in the future for many of these young people -one received her MS in Technological Entrepreneurship the day BEFORE receiving her Olin diploma!  Another senior will attend med school, and 6 plan to attend Harvard Business School after working for two years. Other grad school destinations are MIT, Cornell, Stanford, CMU, Columbia, U Penn and Northwestern. 


Other plans include a senior who has already started working with Greenpeace, another who will travel to India to work on papooses,  one who will hike through Israel,  and another working on his business with an alumnus from last year's class. 


And then there's the Olin student who started with this class, then decided to take a Leave Of Absence. Student commencement speaker Connor Stokes gave a special 'shout-out' to Olin classmate Rob Sobecki. During his time away from Olin he completed  6-month assignment with Boston Scientific, and just a few days ago, climbed Mt. Everest!  Read more about Rob's amazing accomplishment. 


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