Job Search Update from Sally, Olin's Director of Post Graduate Planning


Career_Fair.jpgExciting times at Olin!  For the last two Wednesdays, we have had over 50 employers (some from across the country via Skype) here on campus talking to our students about internships and full time jobs.  On Feb 8th,  PGP put on our Spring Career Fair (awesome job, Suzanne!), and many of our tried and true corporate partners returned to campus - many with alumni on the employer side - to talk to our students.  It was a great day.


And Kudos to our Foundry students - Erika, Ben, Juliana and their team for putting on an awesome "Meet the Startups" fair on 2/15.  What a great time -  the energy in the room was buzzing as many early stage companies got their first up-close look at Olin students.  Results from the Foundry's survey after the event showed that 100% of the companies were actively following up with Olin students!


Now that these two major spring events have drawn to a close, it's an interesting time for our students.  Many of them have been busy since early fall looking for internships, and have secured good ones where they'll get meaningful technical work, good summer pay, and a look at the 'real world of work.'  Others are just starting to look now and have been busy attending these two events, and following up on leads that come through in our weekly newsletters or in our JobFinder database.  Same with jobs, 30 of our 71 current seniors have jobs already, many are anxiously waiting to hear from graduate school programs. 


If you don't have interviews yet for a job or summer internship yet, come up to CC314 and find Sally or Suzanne.  The jobs are out there, but you need to start getting aggressive, organized and and focused about going after them!



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