My Summer in Israel, Part III

By Jamie Gorson '16


I have decided that while I'm here in Israel, I'm making the most out of every weekend. I plan on traveling the country and seeing as many of the areas that I've not yet made it to on my tours and travels. This weekend we went north, as far north as possible actually. Max, Ranya, Ben and I made the trip to Rosh Hanikra. Rosh Hanikra is adjacent to the fence which borders Lebanon, so we literally couldn't go further north. The bus dropped us off at the top of a cliff. We looked out over the cliff and saw a beautiful view of the coast of Israel. We could almost see to Haifa. I felt like Moses, standing on the top of the mountain and looking down on the Promised Land. The experience reminded me how special this country actually is. The fact that we have a Jewish state on a land that has been fought over for so many years should not be taken for granted.

                Anyways, we descended via cable car to sea level where we had the opportunity to see the amazing rock formations that have emerged due to the water hitting it. I felt like I was in a magical world when exploring the caves. We learned about the area from a light and sound show. The theater, in a cave, even featured 'interactive' effects, like splashing us with water when showing videos of the water crashing into the rocks.



                The next day was spent exploring the Old City of Acre. And when I say explore, I mean visit every single part of that city. We went through the Templer's Tunnels, learned about the Crusaders at the Citadel, and explored the Turkish Bath House. We even took a walk to the Mosaic Synogogue and visited the Okashi Art Museum. But, my favorite part of the day was walking the walls of the city. The walls were so important in defending the city throughout history, yet now we can climb up onto them and enjoy the beautiful views and sea.

                At the very end of the day, we watched the Shabbat bride leave from the roof of our hostel. We could see the almost full moon while watching the sun set over the old city. It was a nice time to reflect upon the wonderful weekend.

I couldn't believe how many things I had accomplished and visited over the past few days. I love seeing new parts of Israel and finding what makes each city, town or location unique. It was a whirlwind tour of the top left corner of Israel, but it was certainly an educational, fun and worthwhile trip.


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