Nodding Off at the Wrong Time

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Dear PGP,

I just started working at my first summer internship and it is really exciting! I love having my own apartment, new friends and an amazing social life. The project I have been assigned is also wonderfully challenging but I am having trouble focusing during our weekly re-cap meetings on Friday afternoons and find myself longing for a nap. Sometimes I have trouble keeping my eyes open in the meeting! I know this is really bad, in fact, last week my supervisor even noticed my bobbing head.  What advice do you have to help me stay awake in these meetings?

Please help!

Sleepy in Seattle


Dear Sleepy,

This is a problem many of us have experienced at one time in our lives so don’t despair, you are not alone. But, for the sake of saving face and making sure you get a good recommendation at the end of the summer, you are right, you need to get a handle on this IMMEDIATELY. I would check out these “Sneaky Secrets for Staying Awake in a MeetingBy Rikki Rogers.   And I would add grabbing a cup of coffee and taking lots of notes to the list of tips for this.  You may also want to make sure that your “amazing social life” is only happening 1 or 2 evenings a week, and that you’re getting enough sleep to put in a productive day at the office.



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