Social Media Entrepreneur Matt Huang Graduates

By Ariana Chae '15


The first memory I have of Matt is associated with intense nervousness. He was on the panel that interviewed me at my Candidate's Weekend, and at the time he was a big scary junior who got to decide whether or not I would be admitted to Olin College. Now that I've come to know him, however, I've realized that he's actually a friendly entrepreneur with good consulting advice, and I'm thankful to have had him as a mentor and friend for the past year!


            The name Matt Huang has become a sort of meme at Olin College thanks to his business, Matt Huang Consulting. To many, Matt Huang Consulting is just a t-shirt.




However, it is actually a legitimate endeavor with a profit margin of about 40%. Matt's business was founded on the grounds that there is a generation gap in the world of social media; with all the new social media platforms, the older generation needs guidance in using the latest technologies. Matt's goal through Matt Huang Consulting was to provide assistance to the 30+ age group by educating them about social media. Through Matt Huang Consulting, Matt has successfully led workshops at the Needham Public Library and a local senior living community on how to use Facebook. He has also consulted for several small companies on how to increase their social media presence.


            Now that Matt has graduated, he plans to spend the summer in India and China before starting his new job at J.P. Morgan Chase in New York, NY as a business systems analyst.  Matt will be the first Olin alumnus that we have at J.P. Morgan Chase!

Between his love for food and his life goal to be an extra in a Bollywood movie, Matt will surely continue to lead an exciting life that will probably involve some new marketing gimmick or T-shirt slogan.   Congratulations to Matt and the rest of Olin's class of 2012!


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