SoftArtisans: Small Companies Rock! ~ by Sally Phelps




SoftArtisans' summer interns - Oliners are Shane Skikne '15 (far left), Julian Ceipek '14 (second from left) and Ingrid Hagen-Keith '15 (second from right). 


One of the companies that has been with us here at Olin since the very early days is Softartisans, Inc, a leading developer of MS Office reporting and file transfer software.  Although they're a fairly small company, Softartisans is expanding rapidly - they recently incubated Riparian Data, 'where big data meets enterprise email.'  

Each year, Softartisans (and now Riparian Data) comes to campus, meets students, then invites a group of them back to their beautiful space in Watertown to learn more about the company and meet their employees.   Interviews follow where students are selected for summer internships.  The process is unique, efficient and lots of fun!  They do it right from start to finish - a thorough, informative interview process, no fear of hiring First Year students and most importantly, providing a strong intern work experience.  Last summer we featured a video with two Olin First Year students talking about what it was like to work there. 

For the past several summers, they have hired 2-3 of our students and given them lots of hands-on learning.  Three Olin interns returned to campus with good stories to share - read more about their experiences through Softartisans' Intern Diaries blog series. 


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