Arpan's gap year- Part 3 - last post!

Hi guys!

This will be my last blog post as my gap year winds to a close.

The last couple of months have been a blast! I visited Olin during Candidates' Weekend two! It was a great chance to meet some of people who will make up the class of 2019. (And, of course, advise them to take a gap year :P )


Here's a #selfie of me with my host, Keenan, at the Design Challenge

While I was at Olin, I met a candidate, Isaac, (now a member of the class of 2019!) who was helping to organize the FRC Ventura regional. He and his mother were looking for someone to help with match commentary. One thing led to another and a couple of weeks later I found myself flying out to sunny Ventura, California to help out at that regional.


#Selfie with MC Blair 



The view from the Game Announcer's Table

I was excited to meet FRC founder Woodie Flowers, who was attending the event. I also ran into Gappie Blogger Emma, who was there with the team that she mentors! It was fun to see the "behind the scenes" of how an FRC regional competition is run ; in the past, I'd always been with a competing team.

Speaking of competing teams, the next weekend both of my teams competed at the FRC Midwest regional! Team 3061 won the gracious professionalism award and 4979 made it to the quarterfinals!

The Monday after Midwest I attended the Automate Tradeshow in Chicago with a few members of Team 3061, and got to meet the other founder of FRC, Dean Kamen.


This past weekend, I attended the FRC championships with a few other members of my team to watch the final matches on Einstein Field. It was a great way to end my last season with Team 3061.

FRC season was busy, but it's not looking like I'll get much rest before I start school this fall. This summer I'm heading out to JPL to intern with this project. I can't wait!

A year ago when I committed to taking a gap year I was nervous that I would be wasting time and end up doing nothing all year; after all, I had no plan going in. I'd advise anyone considering one now to ignore that fear. Gap years are awesome!

Thanks for reading,


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