To (Boldly) Go Forward

Susan Hartley Brisson

Olin Admission Office:  “We’re sorry but we just had too many strong applicants for too few spots.  It wasn’t you or anything you did or didn’t do.  It’s just the numbers.”

Denied Applicant (mumbling):  “Thanks for nothing.”  (possibly include some colorful expletives . . . )

All the final decisions have been posted, and for every one of you who was happy with your decision, there were plenty who were not.  That’s the reality.  It’s terrible.  It’s excruciating.  And while the lines about too many strong applicants are small comfort, they are sadly the truth.  But I won’t recap the numbers again because you heard them already – and probably more than once.  It doesn’t matter to you anyway, I’ll bet.

I am sorry that you were not admitted to Olin.  You put everything out there in your application, you came to Candidates’ Weekend, and you were amazing!  You did everything you were supposed to do, and still it didn’t work out the way you wanted.  Unfortunately, that’s the way life goes so often:  you don’t always get what you want or think you deserve.  Again, it’s small comfort but the truth. 

Please trust me when I tell you that while this is painful now, in a month’s time, it will be far less so.  And in a few years, when you are graduating from the lucky college that is fortunate enough to attract you, you won’t think of Olin at all. At most, Olin may be part of a passing memory of your younger self who is no longer you at all.  And you, the real you, who has gone on to have a wonderful college experience, will be embarking upon a beautiful future with the grit, talent, creativity and compassion that you brought to all your college applications.

Best wishes as you go forward into your future.  Thank you for sharing your story with us.  

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