Claire Kincaid's last blog post as a gappie!

Hello again!

It's my last blog post as a gappie--how weird is that? Life's been pretty smooth since my last blog, and some really cool stuff has happened.  First (and most definitely foremost) I visited Campus for Candidate's Weekend #3 at the beginning of March! Got to see some old friends, and meet tons of new ones, and completely reaffirmed my belief that Olin is the coolest 75 acre strip of land in existence.  

OLIN.jpgOlin - visited for CW3

My family is also in the middle of moving into a new house.... 3 blocks away from where we currently live. I would say pointless, but for the fact that our new house is beautiful, whereas the thing we live in now is a giant drafty rental.  The only problem is that the entire basement needs to be renovated, so that's what I've been doing for the past week and a half; in addition to gradually moving everything I own three blocks down the street, 3 boxes at a time (that's all that will fit into my dinky little car).

new house.jpgNew house - so pretty!

Work, my business, and classes have all been going extremely well, although I'm convinced that triple integrals in polar form are going to be the death of me.  My business is still growing, and I just finished a custom stone cutting and setting job for a customer in Italy! I've also been asked by several people to teach a beginning wire wrapping workshop, so I'm working on writing a class curriculum so that I can put that together and get some more people interested in the art. There's some bittersweet news-- the jewelry store that I work at is closing in early May. Bitter because I'll be sad to see such a wonderful place go, and sweet because I'll be able to buy a bunch of great tools for exorbitantly low prices, and because I'll be out of a job just in time for me to have a summer off before I head to college!

custom ammolite ring.jpg

Custom Ammolite Ring for a customer in the Springs.

Speaking of summer, this one's going to be great! Now that I know I'll get almost four entire months off before orientation starts, I have some serious plans.  I hope to start on my pilot's license with some help from my dad, who works at the Air Force Academy.  We're also going to be doing some welding, just for the fun of it; as well as lead bullet casting, range shooting, and carpentry (we need some furniture for the new house).  I'll also be testing for my green belt in Taekwondo, and I'm hoping to make it to a couple great dance venues up in Denver with some friends. 


SIM time in the C130--will be getting a lot more of this for the smaller, single pilot planes this summer

the dance floor.jpgSwing Dance--that's me in the pink on the right

After that, my family and I will be visiting our cabin in the Smoky Mountains for a while, with some extended family who're coming down from Pennsylvania to visit.  I hope to make it to a few of my favorite places, like the Mason Mountain Mine, and go to the North Carolina Gem and Mineral Show, which is the second largest gem and mineral wholesale fair in the country (after Tucson, which is actually fifty different shows running simultaneously).  I'm looking forward to some white water rafting, and a bunch of other great summer activities that North Carolina has to offer.  After that, we might come back to The Springs, but personally I'm hoping to go with my extended family back up to Pennsylvania for a visit, before coming down to Boston for the start of the year.

I can't wait to see you all then!

Signing off,


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