Kick off the school year with Kai

So, uh. Hi, everyone!

My summer has been unusually tame so far. I’m spending my gap year at OSU (Oregon, not Ohio), but school starts remarkably late for me—I don’t leave home until the 20th of this month! I am guiltily spending my free time running, hiking, biking, making art, and watching TV while everyone else goes to school.

A couple weeks ago, I hiked Mt. Shasta, the mountain where I grew up in California, for what might be the last time. Where I currently live in Ashland, Oregon, all the trails look pretty homogenous—you can run 20 miles in any direction and still be in uniformly foresty territory. It was good to get some variety.

Mount Shasta

The haziness is from smoke.

I’ve been trying to do art more often, but I’ve mostly ended up doing fan art and weird sketches instead of painting or working on my comics.

Jungkook of BTS

Jungkook of BTS

A Small Griffin

A Small Griffin


There’s not much to report; my life should be much more interesting once school starts. I don’t have many concrete plans for this year besides learning as much as I can at OSU and hopefully making some good friends.

Kai 1

I’ve already had orientation, which mostly consisted of long presentations and me getting overly excited about my classes, especially Chemistry and MIME (Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering) because I’ve really missed doing science labs.

Kai 2

There were also great failed panoramas (yes, that’s me in both photos).

Hope everyone else is having an awesome year so far!

The end.

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