Mission Leadership Council...and More!

So, another great aspect of missionary life is working with all of the other missionaries. We come together from all parts of the world -- Hong Kong, Guatemala, The Bahamas, etc, and work together for two years, so we get to know each other pretty well.

One of the times we get to work with other missionaries is called Mission Leadership Council. Mission Leadership Council is a blast. It is set up in a discussion setting with the other leaders of the mission, and we basically bounce ideas off of each other, problem solve, and build relationships with each other for one day each month.

Our mission covers the geographical area of about 100 by 50 miles, and is divided into zones covered by ~25 missionaries. Each zone has two zone leaders (male missionaries) and two sister training leaders (female missionaries). 

In Mission Leadership Council, all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders get together to share ideas and consult each other about how to solve problems. It's an outpouring of knowledge and ideas that we capture on paper, then take, sort, and organize based on guidance from God. We then tailor it to the circumstances of the missionaries in our zone; train and re-train them throughout the month, and see the missionaries work miracles.

Other exciting things to mention...

We (Elder Sanchez and I) recently have been teaching a man named David Recinos... he has dealt with a smoking habit for about 15 years, but as he learned the gospel of Jesus Christ he was able to stop in just 3 weeks.

This week for community service we helped to clean up the Van Nuys city center. We found a decapitated duck's head in a stairwell among with other unmentionables, and were serenaded by a man spinning around on a swivel chair in the middle of the square.

It may not be Prague or Bolivia, but San Fernando, CA has a character of its own as well.

Elder Stern


One of my favorite families, the Sacor's, are from Guatemala...

David and Elder Stern

And there is David on the day of his baptism.


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