Hi folks!
I'm Caroline Condon, class of 2013 and also one of your new OlInsider bloggers. I'm currently finishing up a semester away at La Pontificia Universidad Catòlica de Chile (that's a mouthful: Catòlica or PUC for short) in Santiago.

I'm majoring in mechanical engineering, and while at Olin have been involved with Global Technology and Engineering Consortium (engineering projects with high school students), research with the Sustainability Design Lab, ninjaing, and BOCA (the Catholic student association), as well as midnight cereal runs, swimsuit snow parties and walking to Rhode Island (I turned back).

You know who I am; now I want to know: who are you? My assumption is that most people reading this are prospective students, but that may well be based only in the fact that I read the OlInsider as one. I'd love to hear in the comments what "category" of reader you are: prospective students, current students, parents, someone who just heard about Olin 5 minutes ago, etc. And by all means-if there's anything you want to know more about, let me know!

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