“The Olin Challenge”

I don't think we've blogged about this before, based on my skim through the entries, so here goes!

Despite how small Olin is, it seems everyone frequently runs into other students, alumni, parents, and other tangentially related people all over. We've taken to calling this the "Olin Challenge" meaning you fail when you see someone. I'm never surprised when I fail in the Boston area, but we've definitely had it happen outside of the country before, and generally all over.

Being in San Francisco, there aren't TOO many Oliners out here (the Olinglers at Google, and a few more) and my paths don't usually cross theirs. It's a possibility for me to fail, but far less likely than it would be back on the East Coast.

When I was driving to work on Friday, I [basically] failed the Olin challenge. I found a car with an "Olin 06" license plate, and an Olin sticker. Turns out that an Olin 06er that I haven't met works at Apple, and commutes the same way I do. I really like coincidences like this at Olin, because now if I really wanted to, I could email him and see if he wants to have lunch. When I hang out with my Michigan friends, they get excited when someone is from U of M, but the clearly can't take the time to get to know EVERY UMich student. It makes the Olin challenge a bit more fun than other happy coincidences.

The other fun part is when I wear Olin clothes and people ask me about the school, and are planning to apply and have questions. I like meeting prospective students- so here's an open invite! If you're in the Bay area and planning to apply to Olin and want to talk to a current student, feel free to leave a comment and we'll figure out a time.

-- Ellen

*UPDATE* I'm going to be meeting the Olin 06er for lunch sometime soon! Success!

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