2013 has arrived

Brittany L. Strachota

And that means a couple exciting things.

  1. Candidates will come to our campus over three weekends, and some short time after that, the Class of 2017 will be admitted to Olin College.
  2. To make room for the Class of 2017, the 2013ers will be kicked out.

While the first item is exciting, the second is certainly the heaviest on my mind at the moment.

There was certainly discussion among the class about how "strange" it was to begin our senior year, looking for jobs, grad schools, and other adventures. We began the long process of reflection on our progress as individuals and as a class. We joked about our aging bodies and warned the first-years just how quickly the time will go.

Yet, that was 2012. When the calendar flipped to 2013, the mental association with the year of my graduation from college sent warning signals to just about all of my sweat glands. This is the actual year!

Sure, many of my classmates accepted full-time job offers months ago and solidified post-graduation plans, but I heard from several of them just how real it all felt come January. Perhaps this seems a bit dramatic. The thing is, there are some relatively dramatic happenings for all of us this year.

There are plenty of exciting things to come in the next four months [and beyond], and I wish the best for all of my classmates and those progressing along the Olin journey right behind us.

Speaking of senior-year events, I am fortunate enough to be sitting in Chris and Scott's ('12) apartment in San Francisco, waiting for my SCOPE team to assemble for our mid-year presentation to Autodesk. We're missing our last first day of classes to do so, but I'm finding it worthwhile so far. Here's a view of the city from Alamo Park, where Chris took me today.

Alamo Park.JPGI also touched the Pacific Ocean for the first time and have seen nine [former] Oliners. Not too shabby for a school trip.

PS: To those Olin hopefuls waiting to hear about Candidates' Weekends, relax. There is nothing to do but wait and enjoy your final few months of high school. As we've learned today, the time goes quickly!

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