2015, you're movin' on up to the [north]east side!


Dear 2015,

 Congratulations! You've almost finished your last summer before college-scary, isn't it?  In less than a month, you're moving in to West Hall.  I know I hadn't seriously thought about packing until...the week before I got on the plane to Boston, but I'm sure [at least, I hope] some of you are thinking about it now and not waiting until last minute like I did! 

The following is a packing list comprised of things you probably want to bring, things you may want to bring but aren't necessary, and things you do not need at all.  Keep in mind that some, if not most, can be bought once you get in the area, and I highly recommend that you buy things up here to make packing easier.  Also, coordinate with your roommate on such things as lighting, shower caddy, and bathmat.


Things you probably want to bring:         


To make your computer happier:

  • Mouse: Preferably wireless.  Beginning first semester, you'll be CADing, and as much as the touchpad your computer comes with will "work", it will be EXTREMELY inefficient.
  • External Harddrive: You never know when the BSOD [blue screen of death] will strike, so its great to back up your files-trust me, I had to get a new harddrive my first semester because of it.
  • Ethernet Cable: Sometimes, the wireless network is super clogged...if you're sitting in the same place for a while, its polite to plug it in [15' will work great].


To make your room home:

  • Power strip: Because we all have tons of things to plug in
  • Desk Light/Extra light in general:  Yes, our rooms are lighted, but the light doesn't go very far.  I have both a desk lamp and a floor lamp.
  • Things that remind you of home: For me, this is photographs, journals, posters, and letters. For others, its stuffed animals...You know best!
  • Decorations [and thumbtacks]!  My roommate, Kimly ('14) and I go a bit overboard in this respect in the best way possible, following the rules [come visit us next year to see!] The rule of thumb: 40% of your wall must have nothing on it, and you cannot hang anything 18 inches from the ceiling [fire safety!].  Also, no holes bigger than a thumbtack!
  • Mattress topper: Arguable, but most of us would say you'd be glad you did. The mattresses are really not comfortable, so make your nights comfy!
  • Bedsheets and a comforter/blanket
  • Towels: I have two, which is good for cycling when you wash things
  • Bathmat: not too thick, or your door won't open!
  • Over the nozzle shower caddy: Makes putting things in the shower easier [coordinate with your roommie!]
  • Alarm clock: I'm guessing most of you use phones, but I set my alarm clock as well, just in case my phone freaks out [which it usually does]
  • Hangers: You should buy these once you get here....I sort of forgot to [whoops!]
  • Utensils/plate/bowl/mug: It's nice to have something to put your hot chocolate in, or your instant soup. Food=important, and snacks are too, especially for those longer nights

    Because you need to be clean:

  • Laundry Detergent, along with something to hold your laundry in
  • Cleaning supplies: I liked having a bottle of simply green and Clorox wipes for the days where I went on a cleaning craze...

Miscellaneous things for your life:

  • Cash monies: there is an ATM at Babson [citizen bank]. And Bank of America everywehere.  You don't need to use coins for laundry [you can if you want], as your prox card can hold value and can be used for cleaning your clothes!
  • First-aid kit with everyday medication: It's nice to have headache pills, bandaids, and a thermometer for those moments when you're really feeling ill, plus basic cold meds.
  • Nice clothes: you WILL have to dress up for presentations and expo [by dress up, I mean business casual].  It's nice to be classy every once in a while.
  • School Supplies: Not necessarily the ones you had in high school, but pens, pencils, and paper are useful.  I tried to use one or two notebooks [not binders]...its all based on what is best for you, and what keeps you most organized.
  • Your passions: for me, that meant bringing my clay tools from home.

Things that would make life better, but aren't necessary:

To make your computer happier:

  • Extra Speakers: for those of you who love good-quality sound. 
  • Monitor: Some people like to dual-screen...I agree, it's helpful, but I don't have one.
  • Stickers! Because everyone has the same computer [dinosaurs highly recommended].

To make your room home:

  • Extra seating: whether that's cushions, floorspace...People can sit on your beds if you don't mind, but it is nice to have seating if you're a social one.
  • A Step Stool: this is more important if you're on the shorter side, like me.  Our beds are on the taller side...self explanatory.

Miscellaneous things for your life:

  • Books: Not too many, because they weigh a lot, and are not fun to pack again at the end of the year.  If you insist, books can be shipped at a cheaper rate [media rate]
  • Camera: It's nice to document the fun things you do [read: do them. Pass/No Record is a beautiful thing].
  • Gaming stuff: If it's a huge part of your life, bring it.  I brought my Gameboy color, because you never know when you'll suddenly feel nostalgic for Pokemon!


Things you really, really do not need:

  • Clothes you never wear.
  • A second computer: Again, if you are a hardcore gamer, or feel the need to have an extra computer, go for it.  I personally use Olin's computer for all my needs, but I am not a computer person.
  • Books you rarely read: Head to the Wellesley Library if you're really in the mood for books the Olin Library doesn't have.
  • Printer: Olin graciously allows us to use their printers, as well as paper!
  • Extra junk you won't use: you'll be surprised by how much stuff you end up with at the end of the year, what with free things from companies that come to Olin, crazy adventures, and just being human.


So you've moved to the northeast from a place that doesn't really get cold...

Whether it's the south, Hawaii, and all the places in between, you may not have really encountered snow before.  I for one am a born and raised Floridian.  Personally, I started wearing long sleeves in October [when it gets cold, it stays cold].  I found it useful to wear lots of layers, and had my warmer clothes [read: jacket, boots, scarves, gloves...like I said, I also get cold easily] shipped up around Thanksgiving break.  Keep in mind that Olin's campus is small, so you won't have to be out in the cold for extended periods of time, unless you venture outside the bubble.  You could also wait and see how you do in the weather, and buy all these things once the time comes.  Also, bring a bathing suit...you'll find out why later =].                                                                             

So there it is! A simplified packing list.  Nothing here is mandatory; you know you best. I hope it helps sooth your nerves like Brittany ('13)'s post did for me last year [there's a lot of overlap in our posts since what you need to bring doesn't really change from year to year]!  Feel free to leave a question, a comment with your own advice, or email me at Jordyn [dot] burger [at] students [dot] olin [dot] edu!!!

P.S. Cookies to whoever gets the title reference first from Brendan ('14) 

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