3 Weeks and Counting...

Uh oh. My calendar informs me that there are only 12 days until the end of classes and about 3 weeks until all of my projects are due. That also means about 3 weeks until I am half-way through my time at Olin. Not really sure which of those is scarier.

SERV's annual Kickball event. Good excuse to lie around outside.
It's definitely a light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel moment considering how challenging this semester has been, but it's also quite alarming since we have barely started out Stuff of History project, still have a chapter of German to cover, need to take all of the data we've collected in DICIEO and turn it into something useful, and finish designing the product we will be proposing in UOCD.
But on the plus side, the third Stuff of History project is extremely flexible in terms of what we can make as a deliverable, so we will be making a silent-film style slide show using photos we make ourselves. These will be done on an Ernest Shackleton-era Kodak camera, a color Polaroid camera, and a modern camera phone. The slideshow will explain the relationship between technological advances in film photography and how photography's role in society has grown over time.
We got this on eBay for $40. And you can still buy film for it. Can you believe that!?
In DICIEO, it is very challenging to try and figure out how to convey the giant pile of sticky-notes all the data we've collected, but doodling node-and-edge diagrams that could put this information on our website is just awesome. Talking about work we will do in the class next semester is even cooler when you wrote the course description (and basically the syllabus) for the course. 
UOCD has been a struggle all semester, but we're within days of having everything come together in a solid product-model that is able to do things that verge on the magical, but in a way that clearly speaks to values and areas of opportunities within our user group. All we have to do is make the visuals to tell that story well.
And German, like any language, builds on everything that has come before, so one more chapter won't be that bad.
So even though the weather is gorgeous, the end of the year is within sight, and the desire for summer break is higher than ever, we're almost there. And now that room-draw (yay living with Kevin again!) and course registration is all over, there's a fantastic new semester to look forward to on the horizon...
Dinner on the balcony, always a nice way to end the day.
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