Adventure Time

Well, the year is starting up again. While most of my friends at other schools are complaining about going back to school, struggling through classes, and figuring out how to properly manage their time, I am excited. I don't know quite what this semester will bring yet, but I know for sure that all the things I am doing, no matter how late I stay up doing them, no matter what commitments I have to make, will be wonderful.

Just coming back to school isn't the only reason why myself and others are excited. The expansion of the Olin community with our Class of 2017 is also cause for joy as students not only reunite with old friends in the first weeks of school but make new ones. While by now I have now probably met every single first-year (86 is a LOT) and high fived about half of them so far, I just hope I haven't scared any off with a creepily friendly attitude and a way-too-huge smile!

dt4.gifAlways excited to meet new people!

With everything booting up, students are still trying to figure out how to balance their work and fun. Although they are basically the same thing at Olin, being able to separate your work from your play time is extremely important. However, because there are probably, in total, more clubs than students, and there are so many awesome classes to take, one can get lost on either end of the spectrum. Still, everything is interesting and amazing, so I can't help but sign up for everything that I find cool, and convince others to do it with me.

Anyways, yes, I am doing a ton of different things this semester. But each project that I work on, each group that I meet with, and each class that I take will be another great experience. This year, I'm not just taking classes, doing problem sets, or building robots. No. I'm going on an adventure. And it is going to be...

Absolutely fantastic.


adventure.gifGood luck!

-Alex, c/o 2016

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