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Meena Vembusubramanian

Hey all!

After a long long sojourn from blogging, I've finally got another report on life at Olin as a senior -- here my take on some of the big themes!

  • I think I can speak for a lot of my class in saying that I'm still a little surprised by how freaking FAST the past ~ four years have gone -- graduation is in a month and 21 days!! Just a couple weeks ago, the Parent and Alumni Relations Office hosted a senior night event for us at Roger's pub over at Babson. The event was called 2008 Hours Till Graduation, to, yes, celebrate the fact that we hit the 2008 hours till graduation mark!! Here are some pictures from the night:


My classmates, Joe, Keri, Anne and Helen at Roger's. (Photo courtesy Anne!)

Me with another friend, Nancy at the event. (Photo courtesy Anne again.)
  • Every senior's favourite question at this point in the year: so, what are you doing next year? While a good number of us have accepted job and grad. school offers already, a bunch of us are still casting more nets / waiting to decide. You know, people joke about senioritis and how seniors typically take on a lower credit load the later it is in the year etc etc -- but I think we should be exempt from all criticism on this, because figuring out what you want to do with the rest of your life (!!!) is enough time, effort and - gosh - stress to account for a full class on its own! On my end, I have a couple grad. school offers and know for sure that I will be going to grad. school in the Fall, which is definitely exciting! But, I'm still agonising over where this is going to be, based on details on some offers that I still haven't heard about. Aaaah! Tell me already!
  • No post about senior year at Olin can possibly be complete without mention of everybody's favourite, the SCOPE program. You might remember a little bit about my project from older posts. Our project has really caused us to shift gears this semester as we work on the different aspects of moving from a chip to a full fledged sensing product. Again, I apologise for being vague about this -- our team is still working under an NDA. What I can talk about though, is how much I've learnt about coordinating and working within a broad project with a team for so long. We've definitely had our ups and our downs through the year, but I have to say that one of the defining factors that has been making my senior year as fun as it is is definitely my FANTASTIC SCOPE team. Hopefully, the magic lasts as it gets to be crunch time near the end of the semester!

That's it for now! Hopefully you'll hear from me more as my post-grad plans solidify!

Also, congratulations to all of you that have gotten the big envelope from Olin! I'm sure you're all going to have quite a few great options to decide between, and know for a fact that this decision time can be even more exciting, and sometimes more stressful than the application season. As you enter this phase, we'd all love to help out by answering any questions or concerns you might have about life and academics Olin, having experienced it first hand for a while now.

Do keep in touch!

- Meena

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