Bed Post

My bed is awesome. I'm so excited about it. I'm now past the stage of dragging people from the dining hall up to my room to see it, but only because I think everyone at Olin has seen it at least three times. And now I will blog to share my bed with even those who are not at Olin.

This is my bed:


Reasons why my bed is awesome:
  • It is a full sized bed, so in one night I can sleep diagonally, sideways, and upside down
  • Despite its full size, I still have floor space in my room! This is key for sanity purposes.
  • It is fuchsia.
  • It has a futon mattress, which everyone knows are more comfortable than normal mattresses.
  • It has a platform frame, which I like because it's simple. It also enables me to reach the shelves above my bed.

Finally, my bed is awesome because it is a frankestein bed, cobbled together by Roland ('10) and Dave ('09), from Jona's ('09) mattress (grandfathered into the dorms) and a frame I picked up from a Craigslist seller using Roland's station wagon.

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