Best Laid Plans

It's 50 F outside, sunny, and I'm having a bagel and coffee. I have a German vocab quiz tomorrow, but that's the only homework I've had all weekend so I've been taking the free time while I get it.

Not that I'm anywhere near as busy as I used to be. As I mentioned last time, my half-semester courses came to a close a couple of weeks ago so I've been able to commit myself to a range of new distractions...
There is a Turkish Cultural Center in Boston where a Neyzen teaches the Turkish flute I play, so I am currently taking a passionate pursuit in playing that, although I have yet to actually get down to the cultural center to meet him. I still have 6 weeks until expo, and Oliners are great at doing big things in a small amount of time.
I haven't touched my research project since I've returned from the summer. My plan is to work on that during some of Thanksgiving Break. I'll be here for that whole week, so it'll be a good time to put in some solid 8-hour days. By then we should have heard back from the conference Organizes as to whether or not we've been accepted which should give me a better idea of what sort of modifications I need to make to the apparatus and what data we need to re-collect. 
My biggest (and luckily favorite) distraction at the moment is my new job working for Olin's Communications & External Relations Office. Whilst a general assistant, my expertise with Photoshop and Premiere means I'm getting to work mostly on all of the visual media projects: pamphlets, flyers, posters, videos, etc. You can't really ask for anything more than getting paid to do something you already do for fun.
On the subject of distractions, course registration starts this week! Getting my individual courses together was surprisingly easy. I'll be taking User Orientated Collaborative Design (UOCD) - a course which should be instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with Olin's curriculum - , German 102 at Wellesley, Stuff of History - taught by the legendary Professors Martello and Stolk, combining history and materials science, respectively - and Software Design. It's 20 credits in total. On the one hand, I've heard that 20 credits with UOCD can be rough, but on the other hand they're all classes I want to take! So we'll just have to see how that plan goes.
Along with course registration we (sophomores) are also contemplating our majors! Whilst I haven't filled out any paperwork yet, I have decided to make the switch from Mechanical Engineering to Engineering with Design. Whilst I love physically putting things together, I don't get excited by the nitty-gritty details. Plus, I love classes like UOCD and HFID, classes that emphasize that every product should solve a problem. That problem-orientated design is something I'm really interested in.
So, once again, we'll see how that plan goes. It's funny that you go through high school planning everything down to the smallest detail, leaving nothing to chance and giving yourself the best possible chance at success. Then you get to college and find out that what you hope will happen and what actually happen are usually totally different things. The only comfort is that 9 times out of 10, the accidental things work out better than the planned things.
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