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Hey everyone, I'm Brad Powers, one of your new bloggers from the Class of 2010 here. I put up some good personal info about me in my profile, so I'll just jump right in with the blogging.

A few months ago, Angela (another blogger) sent out a survey about what kinds of things you all would like to hear blog posts about. Some of them are pretty easy, so I'm gonna knock out a few right here. Bam.

What is your commute to work like?

Short. I walk out of East Hall to the dining hall, grab some breakfast, and cross the O (the courtyard between most of our buildings, pronounced "the O") and there I am. If it's cold outside (and it usually is, this is Boston you know) things are more complicated. I exit East Hall at the door closest to West Hall, use West Hall as a sort of warm tunnel to the dining hall, grab some breakfast, and go around the O indoors, such that I'm outside as little as possible.

Amusement Parks?

I'm for them?

Why do interns get such old computers when they are the most tech savvy in the office?

They're the only ones who can get the darn things to work.

So yeah, there we go, three ideas with one post! I'm on a roll.

More awesome is on its way soon.

-Brad Powers

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