"Break" Time

We had snow before Halloween, but at the start of Thanksgiving Break it's 65 F and sunny. Oh Massachusetts weather, you're too funny.

And it is indeed the start of Thanksgiving Break! Well, sort of. Technically I have class at Wellesley tomorrow, but that should be fun. You may have noticed that I've put "Break" in quotations in the title (well, not "Break" in quotations because that would be ""Break"", which is silly, but you knew what I meant) because whilst it is a Break in the sense that I have no classes, it's not a Break from work altogether. It's my fault mostly - Thanksgiving is like a carpet you can sweep projects under to forget about during the semester. "Yeah, I was going to work on that over Thanksgiving" and "Don't worry, I'll get that done during Thanksgiving". It works great! Until Thanksgiving...
Work for this week includes:
  • Reading a lot of short science fiction stories for "Science Fiction and Historical Context"
  • Watching Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica for SciFi
  • Making a short graphic-novel for SciFi
  • Drafting possible timeline visualizations for the work being done in the Olin Design Research Lab, which will also require brushing up on Adobe Illustrator and Processing (an open-source software for data management and graphical organization)
  • Researching statistics on Olin graduates as compared to other institutions
  • Re-collecting data for my Flutter Energy Harvesting research project
  • Catching up on sleep-debt accumulated over the semester
  • Reviewing my German notes
  • Making sure my scooter is still running healthily
  • Getting into Boston to do fun stuff
  • Picking out just five photos to submit to the Olin Photo Exhibition
  • Blogging
  • Catching up on all the motorsports and soccer I've been recording for the past month
  • Making a plan for how to accomplish all of this in five days
You'll probably notice a couple things in this list. Firstly, it's proof that a busy Oliner is a happy Oliner. Secondly, I use "work" in a very liberal way, or at least one that doesn't have the usual "oh no, I have this really long boring thing that I'll hate doing to do" implication.
I have no idea what the moral of this story is, but it's a lot of fun to be a part of!
I'm glad my scooter survived the snow...
...because it's a perfectly legitimate way of transporting groceries!
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