A Broadway Thanksgiving

Aiswarya Kolisetty '13
It's Thanksgiving break and I'm back in New York for the third year in a row!  It's a tradition now to come to NYC every time now I guess.
This time, I'm visiting with Andrea ('13) and lucky for us, her cousin who lives in Brooklyn has left for the week and has graciously allowed us to stay in her apartment!  It feels really cool living in a New York apartment and getting a 20-min subway trip into the city center.
Our goal this break is to see all the Broadway shows we can (without going bankrupt...)
First up, we watched Daniel Radcliffe (that's right, real-life Harry Potter himself) in the musical "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying".  It was awesome to see Radcliffe just 6 seats in front of us on stage!  At the end of the show, he auctioned off the bowtie he was wearing all evening to raise money for the AIDS/HIV initiative that Broadway is supporting; he earned a few thousand $$'s in the space of 10 minutes.  Impressive and for a good cause too.
Next was the musical Billy Elliot with some fantastic kid actors and dancers doing ballet and tap.  It was a phenomenal play.  The most amazing thing to me on Broadway is watching the magical and seamless movement of actors and sets that circulate the whole time around.  One second you are watching a scene in a mining plant in the middle of no-where and the next you get transported into a ballet school.  
And hopefully tonight or tomorrow we're off to see Rent! with Rachel ('13) and her family.  I'm very excited. 
Sometime in the week we hope to get to the Lion King or The Book of Mormon (it's sold out all the time), but it's been raved about.
And as a plus, being in New York means seeing some movie shootings too.  We walked through a movie set with Olivia Wilde and Jason Bateman yesterday a block away from the apartment.  Apparently it was a 'low-budget film shooting' ... yeah, right.  We got to see both actors just a few feet in front of us!
So that's New York so far. Dugger ('13) and Matt('12) are just arriving to crash with us too, and Thanksgiving is soon coming up =)  
(Below is a picture of Andrea and I with a poster in front of the Daniel Radcliffe show.)
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