Campus Tour - Extended Version

Because not everything can fit in the 1-hour standard tour, let's take a photo tour of some of my favorite Olin places that aren't on the loop:

Parcel B
Parcel B is an undeveloped lot behind East Hall and the soccer fields (the actual buildings at Olin were build on "Parcel A"), and the ability to go on a quick "outside" walk there is a major factor in my sanity.

IMGP0149.JPGParcel B is also used for off-road robot and vehicle testing, the Beekeeping co-curricular's hives (Parcel Bees, naturally), and as home to several trebuchets.

The Large Project Building (behind the AC)

The large project building was Olin's 6th new building (Olin also uses some existing houses along Great Plains Ave), officially making us a counted-on-two-hands institution. The Large Project Building is used for, well, large projects, that need a dedicated workshop space for an extended period of time: right now, it hosts 2 SCOPE teams, the Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) team, Olin's robotic sailing program (SailBot), Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship (ADE) projects, the Baja-SAE team, and the electric vehicles research team (REVO), as well as a ventilated workspace, a minishop and a large pool for various aquatic robots.

The Laundry Room (basement of East Hall)
Okay, so the laundry room isn't exactly my favorite place, but I'm sure glad it exists. (There are also small laundry rooms in each floor of West Hall).
Bike Room
Also in the basement of East Hall, the bike room, unsurprisingly, is full of bikes, including a communal set of anyone-can-use GO bikes. 90% of the time, I can happily get where I want to go on a bike: there are grocery stores, banks, libraries, post offices, and commuter rail stations in Needham and Wellesley (both 10-15 minutes away biking), and Eliot and Riverside (the nearest T-stations) are both 20-30 minutes away.

Stairwell Smiley
Want to know where it is? You'll have to come find it yourself :)
I hope this gives a taste of some of the "places" of daily life at Olin. Did I miss anywhere important? Is there anywhere else you'd like to see?

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