Candid Candidates

It's funny, thinking back a year to this very same time back Senior year of high school. I was stressing out about essays that needed to be written, excited that we were released onto break and we were free to sleep in for longer and not have to do math problems or write essays. Of course, by that time I was also applying to Olin, among other schools ("acronym schools" as Dean of Admission Charlie Nolan would say), and was hearing things back from the places I applied to early. If you're a senior this year, I'm pretty sure you're feeling the same things that I was.

It's enough to make someone pull their hair out.

Here at Olin, I've just concluded three of my four final activities for the semester, and I'm in the same state of relaxation, without the need to compose essays on what type of person that I am. It's a nice feeling, exciting and yet kinda sad at the same time. It's weird, but here at Olin it's a different feeling when you're presented with work. I know that I always was in that, "ugh" state of mind as we left Thanksgiving into the short stretch before winter break, but with Olin, I was excited to be back and doing work. That's the magic of college, and Olin specifically. You WANT to be doing the work you're doing, very deeply, because it's challenging and interesting all at the same time. Most of that comes from the fact that you have more choice, but it's also from the fact that this is a strange and wonderful place, which is different from the normal that you'd get from other places. It's a totally different feeling you have that you just cant get unless you're there for a while.

Which brings me to this wonderful series of weeks. By January 1st, I'm sure pretty much every senior will have their essays in. And just a short time later, those wonderful letters will be sent out via overnight UPS to all the awesome candidates with their invitations to candidate's weekend. For those of you that do join us, I'm excited to meet every one of you. Be sure to look for me around and ask me questions, talk with me and other Olin student's about this place we call home, but most of all try to get a feel for the place. Candidate's weekend is not a scripted event, it's an organic way for you to really get a sense for what this place means to all of us, and most importantly to you.
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