Candidate's Weekend Nostalgia


It's getting to that time.  Schedules are being planned around candidate's weekend activities, and everyone's recounting their stories of the amazing and silly times they had 1-4 years ago.  Perhaps I'm feeling nostalgic, but I thought I'd share with you some of the highlights of my candidate's weekend experience, with a few pictures that I've scrounged up!


The first person I met [literally] is one of my best friends, and my roommate of the last two years [picture from fall 2010].

roomies_yay.jpgThis is actually a cute story.  My mom and I had just dropped our stuff off at our room in the Babson Executive Conference Center.  I looked out of the window, and saw snow falling!  Being a born and raised Floridian, I was excited.  This was the first time I saw snow fall [ever]!  I rushed my mom out of the room, and as the door shut, we saw a few people walking down the hall.  The girl at the front came up and asked if I was headed to Olin.  My answer?  Yes!  She replied, "New friend! I'm Kimly!"  We spent tons of time together during CW, from Friday night activities, to exploring the dorms on Saturday night, to staying up late in the BECC.  We've been friends ever since.  We have also been roommates for the past two years, and I'm so glad things worked out how they have.


 Self-guided tours are a ton of fun--especially when you don't follow them exactly.


liquid_nitrogen_icecream.jpgI'm not sure if this point is still valid in the world of candidate's weekend, but for ours, we were given two options: go on an actual tour, or take a passport and run around the AC doing various activities.  Kimly, Oren, and I followed a few points, but quickly changed course, wandering into rooms with students and chatting with them.  We did follow some points of interest, such as making ice cream with liquid nitrogen [pictured here], as well as visiting the design studios.   We managed to sneak a preview at an activity we participated in later that night.  It was a great time to interact with current students and other Candidates!



 Breaking a bocce ball makes for a great story down the road.

sketchy_bowling_meche.jpgThe very first night, different groups of students host various activities.  One such activity at our weekend was 'bowling like a MechE.'  We were given a wooden frame of sorts, some time, and a table full of objects, and told to make a system that could send a ball into a stack of cups.  After coming up with three different ideas that all seemed solid, our entire system collapsed 2 minutes before our first iteration.  We ended up Duct taping long piece of PVC pipe to the wood, took a hammer with us, and headed outside.  Turns out, hitting the ball through the PVC pipe worked wonderfully!  For our second iteration, we secured everything a bit more with nails and additional pieces of 2x4...and decided to test it while inside.  This time, we whacked a water-filled bocce ball with a piece of 2x4, and were surprised when nothing came out the other end, but water dripped out the PVC.  Needless to say, we were memorable! 


 If you stay in the BECC, hang out with other candidates!

people_in_becc.jpgYes, this seems logical, but I cannot stress enough how amazing the last night of CW was.  A large group of us were staying in the BECC, so we hung out at the end of the hall by a computer and the elevators.  This picture includes Dan Kearney, Abe Kim, Jason Zhu, Adriana Garties, and other students who attended other schools [not to mention Kimly, Oren, and Murphy Kitchell, who are not pictured but were there as well].  6 members of the group stayed up to see the sunrise.  Many of those amazing people ended coming to Olin.  That night emphasized the Olin community--it was seen with us candidates, too!

To those of you coming in the next few weeks, have a great time!  Try not to stress, and be yourself.  Yes, you will have a couple interviews, but take them with a smile, and work with your team.  Trust me, having fun is the best tactic.  Just as many others have said, Candidate's Weekend changed my life, and I am so glad I was invited.

That's all from me.  I've also created a twitter handle to update you all on my life here!  Follow me @Jordyn_Olin14.  See you in a few weeks!

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