Candidate's Weekends Are Over

Are over for 2013 (the class of 2017!) - the last one was last weekend. For current students, CW's are an exciting chance to meet future Oliners, a great excuse to take a break from work and have fun at the design build, club fair or WH open dorms, and also quite a bit exhausting - and, yes, a little better food than usual. I hope all the invited students had fun and got a good look at Olin!

Because this is my last Olin CW, I think I get to indulge in a bit of
nostalgia - so here are some pictures from my Candidate's Weekend 4 years ago.
I came in from Oregon Thursday (along with a sizable portion of our
record-breaking delegation of 6 future Oliners from Oregon), and so got
to spend all Friday getting to know the other early-arriving candidates.
We designated ourselves "orphans" (Candidates traveling without their
parents) and walked into Needham.
Candidates weekend 004.jpgThere are 7 future Oliners in this picture. Can you recognize them?

also found this picture in Olin's records of my design build team. Our
challenge was essentially an egg drop, where we had to build a catcher
that caught and contained the egg, but also moved a little lego-man a
certain distance away (upon egg impact). I still maintain that ours would have
worked completely perfectly, but we had the small problem of not being
able to get the egg to even hit the device! Good thing that exercise would not be evaluated.

Build group.jpgFinally, it's been said, but it bears repeating - if you're waiting on an admissions decision from Olin, don't stress about it. The sad thing about Candidate's Weekend is knowing we can't admit all the awesome students we would want to; the good part is knowing that every one of you will get into multiple excellent schools - and do just fine there!

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