Despite being fairly busy, this past weekend has had lots of opportunities for de-stressing and having fun, starting with double holidays, since it was both Easter and Passover. Saturday night, some friends invited me to eat the Seder meal-and kindly accompanied it with a follow-along transliterated flow chart.This was a first for me, and something I'm glad I got to experience. Later that evening I went to the Vigil (a late-night Easter church service) and ran into some Needham-ites I know and hadn't seen in a while-it's always nice to feel like I know local people. The next day, OCF had Easter dinner-and just as I was recovering from the jelly-bean induced coma, SAO/CORe (student government) stepped in to prepare for elections with a study break featuring blocks of chocolate so big we had to take a hammer to them.


So, Christos Anesti, Happy Passover and remember to vote!

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