Checking in before punching out

Taking a breath long enough to leave this note:

My second vacation of the semester starts Friday. I have a lot I'd like to write about, but in the rush to organize the 2 weeks of travel and finish the first draft of the Organic Agriculture research paper for International Marketing, and telecommunicate myself both into a dorm living arrangement for next year and a summer job, I've had to stick with observation and put off on the synthesis. To add another significant planning task to the docket, Olin's online registration period will fall right in the middle of my wanderings; This is the sort of situation when one calls upon the good will of a fellow Oliner and lends them the keys to one's student account to click the buttons in their stead.

I'm brewing up a story on a cool entrepreneurial experience I had recently: I got the chance to watch some masters students in business management deliver the final presentations of their year long entrepreneurial consulting projects. I'll tell you about in when I get back to Nantes at the end of the month.

Until then- bc

Curious how I'm spending two weeks of break?

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