I love cheese. Gruyere. Cowgirl Creamery. Humbolt Fog. I think it's amazing. Which is why I headed up Cheese Club last year here at Olin (and maybe the year before? and maybe this year? running elections is not one of Cheese Club's strengths.) We made mac n cheese. We had cheese study breaks. We were at Club Fair and Candidates' Weekend and Family Weekend. 
But I've decided. It's not enough.
The solution? Reyner ('13) and I are currently writing up a proposal to do a Passionate Pursuit. in cheese. A Passionate Pursuit is an activity, possibly funded, in which students propose a semester-long project, solicit faculty participation, and establish objectives. Students may be granted non-degree credit, and the Passionate Pursuit is listed on their transcript. (paraphrased from the student handbook).
Specifically, we are interested in learning about cheese from several different angles, including regional variations, history, types of milk, and tastings. We plan on culminating our project by making two different types of cheeses ourselves, and then presenting to the Olin community about what we learned. The very awesome, cheese-loving materials science professor Jon Stolk has agreed to be our advisor on this quest. It hasn't been approved, or even submitted, so I don't want to get everyone's hopes up just yet. If it is though, rest assured I'll detail our experiences here.
Your head cheese,
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