A Day in Luxembourg

spent this past Saturday in Luxembourg on a trip planned by Group T's
international office for the international students: myself, European "Erasmus"
exchange students, and many Chinese exchange students.  We all woke up very early for the 2.5 hour
bus ride to Luxembourg.  When I crossed
the border I increased the number of countries I've been in by 20% (from five
to six). 

The first
commenter on the blog who knows the six countries I've visited as of today
earns a Belgian chocolate when I see them next. Haha! Making the blog
interactive :)

Luxembourg was beautiful.  I think it is one of my favorite places.  You can see all of it in a day, but it is incredibly
varied.  The elevation changes within the
city are spectacular (I wished that I had my running shoes!).  There is a mixture of modern life, old
architecture, and even older city fortifications.  Unfortunately, it was a
little foggy and drizzly, but that didn't stop me from finding the city
incredibly beautiful and a great place to explore.

International Trip to Lux 061 - Copy.JPGWhat a beautiful place! Standing in front of a valley with so many trees and awesome architecture.

It was great spending the day in Luxembourg with international
students.  The group I spent most of my
day with consisted of students from China, Spain, Finland, Serbia, and
Russia.  Both on the bus and touring the
city there were a lot of opportunities to learn more about different cultures.  Differences often just come up in conversation.  One thing I know for sure: Spaniards from the
Canary Islands don't like the cold.  The
first thing we did when we arrived in Luxembourg was to go to H&M and buy
gloves for our friend Alex.  He was quite
cold!  It was a great day though and I've
put Luxembourg on the list of cities I'd like to visit again someday.

International Trip to Lux 038 - Copy.JPGSome of my companions for the day. From Finland, Serbia/Poland/Belgium, China, and Russia
I almost forgot the Lima vs Leuven scoreboard!  I give Leuven +1/2 point for being so close to Luxembourg (points are inversely proportional to driving time by car). +2 point for the varied elevation and architecture respectively. +8 points for the countries I can think of (off the top of my head) that were represented by friends on the trip.  Drum roll: Leuven 22.5, Lima 12.  Erika has some catching up to do! (and skyping with me doesn't count for any points).

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