Details about the dorms (with pictures!)

I know you all want to see pictures of the dorm rooms, so let's jump right in.

Thumbnail image for dorm room photoThumbnail image for dorm room photo
Thumbnail image for dorm room photoThumbnail image for dorm room photo

Those lovely nighttime photos came from Brittany, whose blog posts you have probably read. They illustrate some of the basics of the Olin dorm rooms. In the dorms you will find:
a bed (Twin XL),
a spacious desk with drawers,
a good desk chair,
a wardrobe (seen in the corner of the room in the second photo),
a dresser with 3 large drawers (seen peeking out from underneath the beds in the photos above, but you are welcome to move it out and around the room),
and some shelves (you sort of see them in the second photo, to the right of the dresser, under the bed).
There is two of everything because first years live in doubles. You will have extra floor space for more shelves, floor lamps, or extra seating, all of which Brittany has, and can be seen in the above photos.
During the night, the lighting is poor, so you will probably end up buying / making more lighting for your room one way or another. During the day, the windows are excellent. There are some photos of the dorms during the day on Flickr, but they are of a single, not a double (so the room is a bit smaller, and only has enough furniture for one person). You incoming students (assuming you are the ones reading this) are all going to be living in doubles like the one pictured above.
I hope you found this helpful. Let me know if you want to see more photos, and I'll get them online promptly. When I was applying to colleges, I remember not being able to find photos of the Olin dorms. That was frustrating. I want to make sure all the future Olin applicants and incoming students have access to more information than I did. Remember, if you have any questions about the Olin dorms or want to see more photos, contact me and I'll gladly talk with you personally or post some more on the blog. Enjoy!
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