An Up & Down Start to My (last?) Semester

I had friends (Michael '09, Dan '09, & Alex '08) visiting me over break to go skiing. Unfortunately, while they were visiting, I got a concussion and some other injuries, and had to cancel our post-skiing trip to Hawaii. I did get to spend the first week of school working for my SCOPE sponsor, Autodesk, in San Francisco though, which was an awesome opportunity.

Because of the concussion, I sleep through most of every day, and don't have much time to write a post about all this though. It's so frustrating "knowing" what I'm usually able to accomplish in a day, and just not being able to do it. Fortunately, my teammate Hari wrote up an excellent overview of our time in San Francisco, and a reporter wrote up an article about the accident I was in. Enjoy!

snowboarding.jpgSnowboarding at Mt. Baker

starcraft.jpgStudying game design with teammate Adam at Autodesk's offices in San Francisco

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