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As you may know, I love Olin. I can even provide evidence for that claim, like my returning here repeatedly, of my own free will, even though there isn't a real mountain anywhere in the same state (Sorry Massachusetts. You have other things going for you, but mountains isn't one of them).  So please, do not be scandalized if I tell you I also love breaks from Olin. This week is/was/will continue to be an excellent break, coming just when I needed it immensely.

You see, in the push to finish work up before the break, I used up all my engineering brain cells. I am sure this week all the little brain gremlins* have been running around untangling neurons and building bridges and laying in a fine new supply of engineering juice - in fact, I know they have, because I fired up solidworks today just to make some pretty renders of old mechanical prototyping projects. While the gremlins have been about their work, I have been hanging at Olin, visiting cousins in New York, and, in technical terms, "chilling".

I slept for many, many hours. I cleaned my room. I tried to take pictures for you all, but they just did not give justice to the sense of disorder the mess was making. But you can take my word for it, it is a much more pleasant space now.

I read a microwave oven's worth of books.

I wandered through Needham Town Forest (for all the trouble I give Massachusetts about their mountains, I will grant that they have excellent New England forests. Not to be confused with excellent Northwest forests, but excellent nonetheless.)
In one corner, someone has set up several little pieces of a "village". It looks like there may have been a model train set there too at one point.
IMGP0944.JPGSleep, books, time outside, family - yep, I'm pretty sure there's not a better way to recover. I hope this break has been refreshing, restful and re-filling for you as well, and happy Thanksgiving everyone!

*Hey, I'm an engineer, not a neuroscientist.

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