Escaping the "Olin Bubble" 101

I want you to look inside your wallet/purse/clutch/bag right now. There should be this card somewhere:

charlie card.jpg

             If you don't know what this is, it's basically a stored-value card that allows you quickly pass through Boston subway (also known colloquially as "the T") turnstiles while saving 50 cents each time* (I know right? Such huge savings!). If you don't have one, you can get one at Charlie Card kiosks at Kenmore, Arlington, and Park Street. I know sophomores who go out to Boston frequently and yet still don't have this card. Don't be that person.

             Right, so onto how to actually get out of Olin. If you don't have a car and want to go to Boston on the weekend, the cheapest (free!) and somewhat-most-convenient way would be to take the Babson shuttle, the timetable for which can be found here: schedule/Pages/thursday-saturday-shuttles.aspx

            Or just make friends with people who own cars. And get them to drive you to the T, you freeloader. The two closest stops would be Woodland and Eliot Station, at which you can buy a ticket or refill your handy-dandy Charlie Card. From there all you have to do is take an inbound train to whatever station pleases you.

            A couple of my favorite places that you can get to via the T or the bus would be:

- SoWa Open Market: great food trucks and local handmade goodness every Sunday but is only open May through October.

- Harvard Square: cool little shops on quaint streets for all you hipsters (must also mention Darwin's Ltd. which is a super delicious sandwich shop)

- The South End: awesome breakfast sandwiches and world famous sticky buns at Flour Bakery and Café; and the innovative and unique Clover Food Lab.

- The Skywalk Observatory: awesome views of Boston. Go at sunset so you can get both a sunset and night view!

            Tired of the city vibe? The Commuter Rail branches out from Boston into smaller cities and also great places like Crane Beach (Ipswich) and Back Beach (Rockport). Check them out when it's warm and have fun exploring!

I also have two extra Charlie Cards and if you're a freshman and don't have one yet, let me know! Props to you for actually reading blog posts.



*on the T or the bus. No big bucks saving on the Commuter Rail or the ferry.

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