Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend

Partyin' partyin' YEAH!

Haha, yeah we just trolled you!

This time around I figured I would team up with your other favorite student blogger, Jordyn! During the school year our minds are filled with circuits, CAD models, MATLAB code, problem sets [HIGH FIVE OXFORD COMMA], and the like, but in the summer we have so much free time that we don't really know what to do!

Despite this, we have done a good job keeping ourselves occupied. Check out some of our adventures!
At the recommendation of Jessica in the admissions office, we went to Salisbury beach, along with Janaki '14 and Sarah '14. Jordyn and Janaki got homesick for the beaches in FL, and I got an an awkward sunburn patch in the one place on my arm that I missed with sunscreen. The water was FREEZING but we dealt with it - Sarah would occasionally check to make sure none of our lips were turning blue. There was a really cute boardwalk type village with very impressive sand sculptures and an old-school candy store! I got fudge and Jordyn got a deeelicious coconut truffle.



For the very last Harry Potter midnight event ever, we went ALL OUT. I wasn't even sure if I was going to dress up, but then Janaki mentioned that she had an extra Gryffindor scarf, so I decided to be Harry. Jordyn was a fanatical Quidditch onlooker, and we forced some spirit upon our friend Chase '14 by taping a piece of cardboard to his chest which read "Not my daughter [fill in the blank]! The Molly Weasley fan club".

267827_10150237714796637_509541636_7940213_7095647_n.jpgRight now, there's a rather gripping game of spades going on in a suite common room. We are also listening to Rebecca Black's new single (that's where the title came from). This is Rachel... She doesn't even go here. Ok, I'll stop with the meme references now.


Three of our friends, Chase, Brendan, and Patrick (all 2014-ers), attempted to go backpacking in the White Mountains in New Hampshire, but somehow ended up at a beach... Leave it to engineers. As bad as they are at navigation, they seem to be just as bad at posing for pictures. Happily, they did get there eventually!


Most importantly, we were in the greater Boston area for July 4th!  Jordyn was extra excited about this, since we all learned how important Boston was in the good ol' 1700s [you may have heard about that incident with tea].  We headed to a nearby town on the 3rd, to Rachel's ('14) house. Here are some pictures of the local fireworks (taken by Brett - thanks, Brett!), which don't nearly compare to the ones in Boston, but were still fantastic!


We look forward to more weekend adventures!

Later gators!
<3 Casey and Jordyn

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